Applying to Concentrate

There is an application process for students wishing to concentrate in AFVS. Students must be currently matriculated undergraduates at Harvard College and have at least a B (3.0) average in all VES/AFVS coursework to date. Additionally, students must have taken at least one AFVS course in their proposed area of focus or track, or be in the process of taking one, at the time of application submission (i.e., a film/video production course for the film/video track, a studio arts course for the studio track, etc.). The application due date, Thursday, October 31, by 5pm, is timed in the fall term to coincide shortly before the College’s concentration declaration date for first semester sophomores. Second semester sophomores and juniors wishing to switch in to AFVS can also apply, but should consult with the DUS or manager of academic programs first. 

The AFVS Honors Board, which consists of AFVS faculty, reviews the applications along with evaluations from AFVS faculty pertaining to a student’s performance in their AFVS course(s). Students will be notified whether or not their application is successful in a timely manner. Download the application here.

Studio Arts and Film/Video Production

Those interested in the Studio Arts or Film/Video Production can choose from among several introductory courses in photography, filmmaking, animation, video art, painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.  These are course numbers AFVS 10-69 (intermediate studio and production courses are generally numbered AFVS 110-169). Note:  AFVS 50A and B, the year-long introductory filmmaking course, is ordinarily taken starting in the fall of the sophomore year, and students should plan accordingly.

Film and Visual Studies

Students interested in Film and Visual Studies can choose from a wide array of courses on the history and theory of the moving image, art, media and critical studies, generally numbers AFVS 70-79 and 170-299.  Specifically, AFVS 70 (The Art of Film) is recommended as an introductory course, along with AFVS 73 (Exploring Culture through Film) and AFVS 181 (Film Theory, Visual Thinking).  These courses are required for the film and visual studies concentration and offer an excellent introduction to the area.