How To Write an Artist Statement - AFVS Writing Workshop


Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 7:00pm to 8:00pm


via Zoom

AFVS Department Writing Fellow Workshop

How to Write an Artist Statement

with Karthik Pandian, Adrian Williams, and Emilio Vavarella

Weds, April 28, 7-8pm ET


Art promises freedom from the constraint of the written word––except when it doesn’t. Every professional artist is faced with the opportunity and challenge of writing an artist statement. How do you communicate the emphases and passions of your practice in words? How can you be precise without strangling viewers’ subjective experiences of your work? How do you express your intellectual proclivities without losing others in theoretical jargon? What is the difference between an artist statement and an Instagram bio?

To address these questions and more, register here to join the final AFVS Department Writing Fellow Workshop of the semester, on April 28th, 7-8 PM ET, with practical advice from three working AFVS artists:

Karthik Pandian, AFVS Assistant Professor

Adrian Williams, AFVS Visiting Lecturer, and

Emilio Vavarella, FVS PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow.


And do remember that as finals approach, you may always schedule a one-on-one appointment with the AFVS Department Writing Fellow here to work on your analytical papers, or experimental written and curatorial projects.