Watching, Listening, Writing: An Introduction to Film Analysis - Workshop for AFVS Students


Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Sever Hall 103

Watching, Listening, Writing: An Introduction to Film Analysis

October 6, Wednesday, Sever Hall 103, 6-7p

AFVS students: please join us for an introductory workshop on writing about film. The hourlong session will be spent sharpening our critical senses, considering what to look and listen for when watching films, noting what leaps out from the frame and what remains latent within it. We will discuss different tactics for sniffing out the seams of the filmic construction of reality, savoring the details of its sights and sounds, and familiarizing the use and usefulness of formal terminology.

Most importantly, we will discuss how to understand how films make meaning and how to write about them, covering strategies for bringing together close observations of the film with concerns for the cultural situations of its production, makers, and viewers to craft arguments and essays written with care, detail, and focus.

Workshop is designed to be introductory and interactive. Open to all current AFVS students and concentrators.

Led by Dan D’Amore

AFVS Departmental Writing Fellow