March 2-5: Exploring Fields of Study Office Hours for First Years: Get to Know AFVS!

February 23, 2021

Attention First Year students: As part of Exploring Fields of Study, AFVS is hosting drop in office hours throughout the week of Tuesday March 2 through Friday March 5 with AFVS professors. You are invited to drop in at any time during these hours to learn more about the department—concentrating, doing a secondary field, taking courses—anything!  These office hours, which you can include in your Advising Conversation Report, are listed in this calendar, and also appear on the Harvard College Calendar ( Log in with your Harvard Key for the Zoom links. If you are unable to attend the office hours, please e-mail Paula Soares, AFVS Manager of Academic Programs, at to schedule an alternative meeting.

EXPLORING FIELDS of STUDY: Office Hours for First-Years

Mon, March 1 (Wellness Day)

Tues, March 2: 10am-11am: Ruth Lingford, 10am-11am: Karthik Pandian, 1pm -2pm: Elle Perez, 3pm-4pm: Stephen Prina

Weds, March 3: 12pm-1pm: Sharon Harper, 2pm-4pm: Robb Moss, 2pm-4pm: Alfred Guzzetti

Thurs, March 4: 10am-12pm: Matt Saunders, 11am-12pm: John Stilgoe

Fri, March 5: 10am-11am: Joana Pimenta, 5pm-7pm: Annette Lemieux