Stephanie Lam

Stephanie Lam

Graduate Student in Film and Visual Studies

Stephanie Lam is an itinerant Canadian and a doctoral candidate in Film and Visual Studies. Her dissertation focuses on questions of scale in contemporary ecocinema/ecomedia and the visual culture of environmentalism.  Other research interests include film and media theory, history of science and technology, cinema beyond the theater, experimental film, animal studies, and East Asian cinema.

She recently published a chapter in Slow Cinema (forthcoming 2015), has contributed to the film journal CinéAction, has written for the Toronto gallery, ASpace, and has presented her work at conferences in the US (SCMS 2013) and Canada (Under Western Skies 3).  Stephanie completed an MA in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto, a joint BFA in Film Studies/Art History at Concordia University, and a BA in English Literature at the University of British Columbia. 

Contact Information

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