Secondary Field in FVS

Graduate students admitted to other doctoral programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences who wish to pursue research in Film and Visual Studies in addition to their principle area of study may petition for a secondary field in Film and Visual Studies.

The secondary field will consist of four graduate level courses: the two Proseminars plus two courses chosen from a list of courses approved for graduate credit by the Film Studies Graduate Committee. The Proseminars should be taken in the first year of study.

Successful completion of an examination or alternative means of demonstrating mastery in the field of Film and Visual Studies is also required. The particular form of examination or alternative means of demonstrating mastery will be agreed upon by the DGS in Film and Visual Studies and the DGS in the student’s home PhD department. This demonstration of mastery might be part of a departmental general or field examination, or it might be combined with departmental requirements in some other way. One or more members of the Graduate Committee on Film and Visual Studies will conduct and adjudicate the portion of the preliminary examination devoted to Film and Visual Studies, and the results will be reported to both directors of graduate studies.