A New England Document, by Che Applewhaite, premieres at the Sheffield Doc/Fest

June 16, 2020

Che Applewhaite’s film A New England Document will have its world premiere this month at the Sheffield Doc/Fest (https://sheffdocfest.com/films/6964). A New England Document is an essay portrait of Lorna and Laurence Marshall, told by the filmmaker and their daughter Elizabeth, through their diaries, writings, and visual archive, which the Marshalls began collecting in the 1950s as they embarked on the first of four decades of anthropological expeditions to the Kalahari Desert. Supported by Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology and Laurence's earnings as former co-founder of modern day defense company Raytheon, they amassed over 40,000 photographs of the Ju/’hoansi “bushmen”. Che, an undergraduate rising senior concentrating in Anthropology and History & Literature, began the process of making this film in a AFVS film/video course, and wrote about why he wanted to make the work and how it relates to the current political moment here https://cheapplewhaite.com/no-s-in-water/

A New England Document by Che Applewhaite image