Secondary Field in AFVS

There are three curricular tracks in AFVS for students wishing to pursue a secondary field: film and visual studies; film/video production; and studio. Six courses are required to complete a secondary field in AFVS; ordinarily at least five of them must be offered in AFVS. The AFVS secondary field requirement checklist explains the requirements and is useful when planning secondary field courses.


Students do not declare a secondary field through the department as they do when applying for a concentration, though departmental approval is required for a secondary field. The FAS Registrar's Web site has directions on how to select a secondary field.

Paula Soares, the manager of academic programs and Matt Saunders, the director of undergraduate studies, advise students considering a secondary field in AFVS. For more information, visit the 2021-22 Harvard College Student Handbook.