Academic Requirements

The PhD Program in Film and Visual Studies

The Graduate Program in Film and Visual Studies (FVS) leads to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). This is a research degree whose core emphasis is the theory and history of moving images in relation to the visual arts.

The Program will not admit candidates for a terminal AM degree. Students may apply for a master’s degree after advancing to PhD candidacy by satisfactorily completing their coursework and exams as indicated below. A master’s degree may also be offered to students unable to complete the PhD. The expected timetable for completion of the doctoral degree will be five to six years.

We recognize that there are graduate students pursuing serious research in film and related visual media in other departments who, for reasons both intellectual and professional, may wish to have their work validated by our program. Therefore, we offer a secondary field in Film and Visual Studies for students already admitted to other doctoral programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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