Wood Shop and Metal Shop

Equipment and tools in the AFVS Woodshop

The AFVS Wood Shop offers training and access to a wide range of woodworking tools. The shop is open to all members of the AFVS community - faculty, staff, graduate students, concentrators, and students enrolled in AFVS classes.

Wood Shop Schedule:

Monday: 2-8
Tuesday: 10-8
Wednesday: 10-8
Thursday: 12-8
Friday: 12-4
Saturday: 11-5
Sunday: closed 

Students are welcome to drop in for trainings or consultations with the monitors any time the shop is open.


The AFVS Metal Shop is open to AFVS students by appointment only. Please visit the woodshop to sign up for an appointment with our metal shop monitors.

Metal Shop Schedule:

Thursday: 3-8pm (by appointment)
Saturday: 12-6pm (by appointment)



Oliver Strand, Woodshop Coordinator