Emilio Vavarella

Emilio Vavarella

Graduate Student in Film and Visual Studies
Teaching Fellow

Emilio Vavarella is an artist and researcher whose work blends interdisciplinary art practice and theoretical research and is centered around the study of the relationship between humans and technological power. Emilio is currently a PhD candidate in Film and Visual Studies and Critical Media Practice at Harvard University. He holds an M.A. cum laude in Visual Arts from Iuav University of Venice, with study abroad fellowships at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv and Bilgi University of Istanbul, and received a B.A. cum laude in Disciplines of the Arts, Music and Spectacle from the University of Bologna. Vavarella’s dissertation, tentatively titled ‘Techniques and Technologies of Thought: A Short History of Media Models,’ explores a wide range of cultural techniques and media operations in relation to corresponding theories of the human.

Vavarella’s work has been exhibited at: MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo; KANAL – Centre Pompidou; MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna; Museum of Contemporary Art – Zagreb; Museu de Ciències Naturals of Barcelona, The Photographer’s Gallery of London, Museo de Arte de Caldas; Villa Manin; Museo Nacional Bellas Artes in Santiago; Museu das Comunicações of Lisbon, National Art Center of Tokyo; Eyebeam Art and Technology Center and Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina. His artworks have been exhibited at film festivals such as Toronto’s Images Festival; Torino Film Festival, and the St. Louis International Film Festival, and at the many media arts festivals, among which: EMAF – European Media Art Festival; JMAF – Japan Media Arts Festival; Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Festival for Expanded Media; BVAM – Media Art Biennale; and NYEAF – New York Electronic Arts Festival.

His writings have been published in Error, Ambiguity, Creativity: A Multidisciplinary Reader (Palgrave Macmillan); Behind the Smart World: Saving, Deleting and Resurfacing Data (AMRO Research Lab); Low Form: Imaginaries and Visions in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (CURA Books); Robot Love (Niet Normaal Foundation); and in Leonardo – The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology (MIT Press), Digital Creativity (Routledge); CITAR Journal – Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts. His most recent artist book, published by Mousse, is entitled rs548049170_1_69869_TT.

Teaching Fellow for AFVS 97: Sophomore Tutorial (Joselit) & AFVS 99B Senior Thesis (Studio) (Saunders), Spring 2022. 

Contact Information

vavarella [at] g.harvard.edu