Julie Mallozzi

Julie Mallozzi

Lecturer on Art, Film, and Visual Studies
Administrative Director of the Film Study Center

Julie Mallozzi’s films explore the ways cultural traditions from around the globe intersect, hybridize, and are turned to new social purposes far from their original context. In her documentary Circle Up (2017), indigenous peacemaking circle practices offer a group of Boston mothers a path to justice for their murdered sons. Her film and two-channel installation Indelible Lalita (2012) unpacks the complex identity of a woman who migrates from Bombay to Paris to Montréal as her body is painfully transformed by cancer and skin pigment loss. Monkey Dance (2004) looks at how traditional Cambodian dance – blended with hip-hop – helps three Cambodian-American teens navigate the minefields of gangs, drugs, and teen pregnancy in Lowell, Massachusetts. Early in her career, Mallozzi explored the entanglement of history and memory in her own Chinese-Italian-American family in Once Removed (1999). Her films have won awards at festivals around the world and have screened in museums, universities, and on public television. Mallozzi often launches impact campaigns that use her films to effect social change in schools, prisons, legislatures, churches, and other community settings.

Mallozzi received her BA from Harvard University and her MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. She is currently collaborating with neurologist Emma Meyers on a film about the use of altered states of consciousness in healing across several cultures.

Image: still from Untitled Altered States Film, in collaboration with Emma Meyers
Still from Untitled Altered States Film, in collaboration with Emma Meyers


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